Chiromancy or Palmistry

It is not accidentally that people say your future is in your hands. There is nothing that this quotation relates to so exactly that to the prophecy by hand or as it is called chiromancy or palmistry.
As a matter of fact the relation of palm lines, character and future of a person was noticed by the ancients.
The modern investigations did not only disprove the quotation but also, on the contrary, displayed important evidences that this relation exists: hundred of nervous ends on the palm incessantly exchange information with the brain, that leave these absolutely definite traces.
At different times people discern the hand prophecy. For example, in the 17-century palm reading was officially taught at the Universities of Leipzig and Galle in Germany and simultaneously was punished in England as the form of witchcraft.
Nowadays the practice of chiromancy is widely used by specialists in the field of genetics and psychiatry as one of the additional methods of diagnostics.
In spite of scientific work, Chiromancy or palmistry allows to bypass the various difficult and inconvenient moments of their life to the understanding people.
For example: my small daughter's hands spoke about probable danger of head trauma. We have strengthened control for the child and the line of hand has changed in the positive way.
So, using palmistry, which gives you knowledge of yourself and your relatives, you find the powerful protection from various troubles and problems. Chiromancy can be used not only for protection of family and children, but also in other sides of life. For example: business and career.
Picture of your palm lines will warn you about probable problems with health, already in an early stage, when you can all correct. You should just carefully watch the lines changes on your palm. Dip into the world of this fascinating science of reading a hand and protect yourself and your family from probable troubles. Wise man tells, the one is armed, who is warned.
The information this Web Site presents about the palmistry, will help you to discover and to understand virtually all aspects of chiromancy.
The software this Web Site offers - “Palmreader” - will carry out detailed hand analysis and will give irrefragable answer.
Study chiromancy.
Good luck.

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